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Upto 35% OFF On Kids School Bags
Baby and Kid's Lifestyle

Upto 35% OFF On Kids School Bags

Rs. 974 Rs. 1499

The kind of bag your kid wants is not so affordable? Firstcry presents to you its premiere school bags with a discount of upto 35%. Too hard to believe. Isnt it? Login to Firstcry with your kid and explore the world of bags. Offer valid only for a limited time.

Product Description

Buying your kid their favorite school bag can be a tedious task given the various types and their costly prices. Bags are something that makes your kid more interested in going to school and bragging about it.We all did it and we know how it feels. But with the rising prices of bags it has become quite a task to buy a bag that stays in your budget and also is of your child’s interest. Firstcry brings to you its ultimate bag collection for kids at a whopping discount of upto 35%. They've got bags in all shapes, styles and heights. Be it the latest tom and jerry bag or the barbie doll designed bag, they have all of them. Not to forget the bags don't just look pretty from outside but they are very durable from inside as well. Made from the finest of materials, your kid's bag has been manufactured to last rugged conditions. Unlike other bags which start withering from the inside, bags from firstcry last longer. Be it summer season or rainy, your kid's books will always be in safe zips. The water resistant technology edition bags are one of a kind with not even a drop of water being let inside the zips. Put all your worries aside and buy one of these for your kids. You won't have any qualms about it for years to come.


  • Item: School bag
  • Vendor: Firstcry
  • Durable: YES
  • Shapes and Sizes: ALL